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Founded by Attorney Shaunette Stokes in 2014, today the Tampa-based law firm currently engages business law, family law and civil litigation.

Our firm’s motto is that “You will not be successful when you just sit idly or you do not have strict work ethic.” We ensure that our firm’s motto is being put into practice.

These three have proven to:

  • Earn our clients’ trust
  • Build our reputation
  • Attract hundreds of individuals and businesses, all of whom have successfully dealt with their legal conundrums with our timely and diligent help…

We’ve always cherished the three pillars which our company has always stood upon:

  • A Commitment to Excellence
  • A Passion for Justice
  • An urge for fair pricing

We stand by:

A Commitment to Excellence

We pride ourselves in great customer service and an ability to manage our caseload in a timely fashion.

A Passion for Justice

With our legal principles and our desire for justice being our first and foremost value, we always try to diversify the range of cases which we take on. That is perfectly shown when you notice that our civil/business cases are divided absolutely evenly. That means that we help big and small businesses alike.

An Urge for Fair Pricing

On par with our passion for justice and excellence, the third work ethic which we stand by is the fair pricing. We believe that a great lawyer should charge a price that is nation-wide affordable!


A percentage of individual cases that we take yearly, on average


A percentage of business and commercial litigation cases that we take yearly, on average


A percentage of family law cases that we take yearly, on average

Lawyers & Staff:

Shaunette Stokes, Esq

Shaunette Stokes, Esq

Managing Partner

Shaunette is a practicing attorney licensed in the state of Florida. She is the Managing Partner of Stokes Law Group, PLLC, founded in 2014. Shaunette graduated from Florida A&M University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. She continued to further her education and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida A&M with a Master’s degree in Public Administration. After obtaining her master’s, Shaunette pursued her Juris Doctorate degree from North Carolina Central University School of Law in Durham, North Carolina. Shaunette has substantial experience in contract law, business transactions, intellectual property law, civil litigation, personal injury, estate planning and probate matters. She currently works with a diverse group of clients, assisting them in understanding and navigating the law so that they can effectively manage their legal needs. Shaunette is also a professor at Hillsborough Community College in the Paralegal Studies department. Her pursuit of knowledge and passion for education gives her the ability to educate her clients and members of the community on the complexities of the law. While pursuing her education, Shaunette owned and operated a photography company, where she developed her focused approach on business operations. Her experience as an entrepreneur and small business owner gives her specialized insight on the needs of entrepreneurs and makes her uniquely qualified to counsel her clients. She currently offers her diverse skill-set and experience in law, entrepreneurship and creative management to assist clients in protecting their interests.

Michelle Rayner, Esq.

Michelle Rayner, Esq.


Attorney Michele Rayner is a founder and a partner with Rayner Robinson, LLC and is an award-winning and highly sought after attorney. Attorney Rayner has been selected as a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers and is a Top-Rated AVVO attorney, and has garnered many community awards.

Prior to forming Rayner Robinson, Attorney Rayner honed her legal skills as a criminal defense attorney for the State of Florida. She later continued her career working with two well-established law firms in the Tampa Bay Area and establishing her own successful solo practice.

Attorney Rayner is passionate about her client’s rights and takes that approach in every matter she handles. She ensures their rights are protected as if they were own family. She has successfully represented clients in criminal, family, civil rights and personal injury matters.

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the most popular questions

Q: How will I be kept informed of my case throughout the whole process?
    A: We value the huge importance of attorney-client communication and we always keep the transparency between attorney and a client. Although we would like to talk to you bi-weekly on the phone, that would be neither practical nor productive.  Legal matters are known to be stretched in time and so we think it’s best of all to keep you updated on the new comings.  It may often seem like ages have gone by with no activity or actions taking place. However, in reality, much behind-the-scenes paperwork never one but paralegals will do is being completed. All for a sole goal, that on the day your matter is ready with no smallest issue overlooked.  In order to keep the price of legal services down while extending communications, we will work to keep you informed when anything important happens. So to respond to your questions in a reasonable time, we’ll reserve a weekly phone connection.  In addition, we will inform you when your presence is required, either in our office or in court.    
Q: What will the legal service cost?

A: First and foremost, each of our clients is fully entitled to know exactly of the pricing. So at your very first visit, we’ll give you an approximation of what your fee will be looking like at the end of the day.  We encourage a frank, open discussion about our fees with each client at the time of the first interview.

Usually, and in our company’s case as well, the lawyer on the case gets paid under various fee arrangements. Such as:
Hourly fee:

On an hourly fee basis, fees are based on an hourly rate for services which were provided by our team and individual lawyers and paralegals.  A detailed, itemized bill will be given to you showing all work done on your case.

Flat fee:

When counted within the flat fee basis, your legal bill is a fixed sum for agreed upon services.  In such an arrangement of fees, no in-detail accounting will be made.

Contingency fee:

On a contingency fee basis, your legal fees will be based on the amount of recovery and productivity we get for you in the court. This approach basically means – no recovery, no fee.  You may have the option of choosing this plan in lieu of hourly charges.  Not all cases qualify for the contingency basis; we will tell you if yours does.

Other potential fees:

A pre-payment type of legal fee is usually required in order to begin to process your matter and you will be kept advised as to how that pre-payment is being used. We’ll always keep you up with detailed bills and payments made on your case’s behalf.

Certain cases may have a minimum fee.  This means that no hourly accounting will be made unless excess time is expended.

We review and accept your consultation

requests on a 24/7 basis

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