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As long as the business world has existed, it has always been eat or be eaten. And if you are here, then I know you are hungry.

“Taking the Leap into Entrepreneurship: The Legal Way,” is a program that empowers business owners nationwide. I created this program, after my experience with working with Small Business Owners and seeing how many of them fail within the first year. Small business owners would often hire me only after they were in legal trouble. I realized there was a problem and said “enough is enough.” I developed this program in early 2015 to level the playing field for business owners who cannot afford an attorney at the early stages of growth. This program provides business owners with important tools that are necessary to ensure that a business stays afloat. If you believe that honest work should be rewarded and that no one should work in fear of predatory litigants, then you need this program. This program will educate, entertain, and most importantly, enable you to protect yourself and your business.[/text_block]

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Why do most businesses fail? It’s not the product, the service or even the clients. It’s the little things, the boring stuff no one wants to pay attention to. In this exclusive program, I am taking the guesswork out of starting, running and maintaining a successful business, so you can focus less on day-to-day woes and more on doing what you love.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]This powerful system has 5 easy-to-digest lessons packed with information to get you up to speed in the fast-paced business world. You will learn to navigate past legal hurdles you never knew even existed, how to understand contracts, corporate planning and more.

In each lesson I will guide you through each phase of starting, running and maintaining a business. Here is a sneak peek at some of the things you will learn:[/text_block]

    • Structuring: You will learn about the single most important document you will ever file in the process of opening your business. This document will define the future of your operations and can mean the difference between costing or saving you thousands of dollars. You will not believe what you will find!
    • Branding: It is not just enough to have a snazzy logo and clever slogan anymore. Sure, in this lesson you will learn how to create a brand that attracts and retains consumers. But I will take it a step further— you will also learn the steps necessary to protect your brand from corruption and theft.
    • Contracts: Take the steps to protect yourself and save yourself thousands of dollars in court costs, lawyer fees and more. This lesson might shock you with a pitfall your business could be exposed to right now.
    • Money Matters: You do not have to sacrifice quality for cost any longer. I share my secrets to becoming the “frugal entrepreneur” with a simple technique that can actually save you money while you make money! Learn how to crowd fund, secure investors, even build passive income to literally earn income while you sleep!
    • Marketing: Fortune 500 companies spend billions each year shoveling their messages down consumers’ throats. In this module, you will learn the secret to organically develop a system that gets the word out for you— and then you will learn how you can automate it!

    Lesson 1: Choosing the right Entity

    • This lesson is all about business structures
    • You will learn which types of entity structures will give you the the best protection for your personal assets
    • You will also learn whether your company should be a non-profit vs a for profit corporation
    • You will also learn how to draft all of the pertinent formation documents that are required for your company’s survival

    Lesson 2: Establish and Protect your brand

    • In this lesson you will learn the perfect formula to establishing a brand
    • You will also learn the difference between copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and patent protection
    • In this lesson you will learn whether you need a patent or simply a trade secret (one is cheaper than the other! )
    • You will also learn to do a preliminary trademark search
    • Finally, you will learn how to copyright your work

    Lesson 3: Legal Contracts

    • This lesson will give you the tools to create and negotiate all of your legal contracts
    • You will also learn many of the contract drafting requirements to help you create a solid contract
    • You will be provided with samples of contracts that will get you going in your entrepreneurial endeavors

    Lesson 4: Money Matters

    • This lesson is all about money and how you can save when beginning your entrepreneurial endeavors
    • You will learn to create products that will allow to you to literally make money in your sleep
    • You will learn the easiest ways to get your product or service to the masses with the least amount of work possible
    • You will be given the tools needed to becoming a frugalpreneur so that you can keep your initial overhead super low
    • You will also learn the different types of crowdfunding techniques that you can use to get your business up and running

    Lesson 5: Marketing and Advertising

    • This lesson is all about attracting new clients
    • You will learn how to make the most out of Facebook ads
    • You will also learn how to create an automated emailing system to stay in contact with current and future clients

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    Starting September 21st, Each week for 5 weeks, a new lesson will be released to you to watch on-demand.

    •  You will have exclusive access to all of the contract templates and forms I have discussed in each module
    • The lessons will be uploaded in a members only portal
    • I will have weekly “office hours” on Facebook in our exclusive Facebook group



    Avoid those crazy attorney’s fees!

    If a client chooses to conduct business in a manner that is not legally sound, it will cost them big time. An attorney’s retainer fee is usually between $5,000-$10,000 depending on the complexity of the case. Most litigation attorneys do not work on a flat fee basis. Their hourly rate for litigation will run you around $350 an hour. You will learn to avoid many of the pitfalls many business owners encounter that usually lands them in court. Avoid court costs by signing up with this program.

    Business Formation

    Many entrepreneurs are too busy or just simply do not have the patience to form their own businesses so they hire an attorney. I charge  $550 to do exactly what I am going to teach you in this program. In this program, I will give you a step by step guide on choosing the correct entity and how to form your business the legal way.

    Contract Drafting

    You are getting a steal with this program! I charge my clients $250 to draft any documents or contracts. In this program you will receive more than 5 templates of contracts and legal documents that are needed for the survival of your business. Lets do the math, shall we? If you were to retain me to draft 5 contracts at a rate of $250 each, your final bill will be $1,250! This program is only $750. You’re practically getting the contracts for FREE!

    Consultation Fees

    Many attorneys (including myself) charge $150 for an hour consultation. With the bonuses to this program, you will have access to me during my weekly Facebook office hours and during our live calls. You will be able to ask all of the questions you want in order to take your business to the next level. Now how cool is that?

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    The average business owner would have to spend months and who-knows-how-much on attorneys, business consultants, marketing agencies and more to get everything packed into this system. If you are ready to enter the business world and take charge of your own future, you owe it to yourself to invest in my program today.


    “My experience with Stokes Law Group was phenomenal! I worked with Shaunette who guided me through every step of the process of starting my own LLC. Shaunette took the time to ensure that my needs were consistently met and that all of my questions were answered throughout the process. Additionally, she was very flexible with her schedule to ensure that all deadlines were met and that she was available to provide her expert advice. Her competitive rates, expert knowledge, and focus on the client makes her an unmatched choice for your business’s legal needs!”

    Christopher Devalle, CEO of Xler Tech, LLC

    “During the Taking the Leap into Entrepreneurship workshop, Attorney Stokes was very hands on in her approach to make sure I understood the information. My business is forever grateful for her taking time out with my small business in the community.”

    Bianca Berry, Executive Director of Woman on the Rise

    “The moment I hired Attorney Stokes, I felt a huge weight being lifted off of my shoulders. Her attention to detail and knowledge of the type of protection my business needed saved me a great amount of time and headache. Whenever I need a thorough review of documents or counsel in new business propositions, she is always prompt to respond and patient with me and my millions of questions.”

    Crystal Middlebrook, Founder and Creative Director of Cold Hard Fash

    “Shaunette provided a very informative workshop on things a small business should consider. She was very knowledgable and prepared to answer my questions. She is a fantastic resource for any small business owner looking for legal assistance.”

    Lauren Gay, Creator of OutdoorsyDiva

    “I loved working with Shaunette for my business contracts. She was able to help me reduce my contract size without compromising content. She recommended some new means of still delivering information to my clients (which has helped tremendously), and since I’ve worked with her and have used my new format everything has been going great! I highly recommend her services to a business owner.”

    Anesha Collins, Owner and Lead Photographer of Unashamed Imaging, LLC

    “I had the pleasure of learning on different platforms from Stokes Law Group! As a small business owner; The Branding workshop, was definitely one of my favorite. There was so much information, but I did not feel overwhelmed in the delivery. Small business owners always need information as such, to protect ourselves and our business.  I am thankful for the information that was presented and eager to begin the branding process with Attorney Stokes.”

    Michelle Mitchell, Owner and Stylist of Sole Koils and Kuts

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    When does the program start? When does it end?

    The program starts on September 21, 2015 and it ends October 30, 2015. The program is 5 weeks long. Each week I will upload a series of video modules for you to watch at your own pace. You will be given worksheets to follow along in your instruction. You will have access to the program for however long it is available.[/text_block]

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    When is the last day to sign up for this program?

    The last day for registration is August 15, 2015.[/text_block]

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    What is your refund policy?

    If you let us know before September 14, at 9pm EST, that you don’t want to participate, we will keep $250 and refund you the rest {by this time you will have received the preliminary materials for lesson 1.}. Once the course begins, refunds are over. If you are committed, let’s be totally committed.[/text_block]

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    What happens after the course is over?

    You receive lifetime access to the private Facebook group and all the information from the course and you will get to retake the course with new participants when it’s offered again. When you retake the course, you will have access to any updated materials and bonuses offered at that time.[/text_block]

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    How much is it? And is there a payment plan?

    Yes! Of course.

    1 Payment of $750

    2 Payments of $385 (billed biweekly)

    3 Payments of $265 (billed biweekly)[/text_block]

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    How much personalized attention will I receive?

    You will have access to me in our private Facebook group and there will also be 2 group Q/A calls answering all of your questions.[/text_block]

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    What If I cannot attend the live calls?

    No worries! Just email your questions to me and I will answer them. You will be able to listen to my answers on the recording.[/text_block]

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    I want to sign up but I am having money angst—Help me!

    Awesome news! There are payment plan options. You can also reach out to me if you want – I’m happy to talk you through it and help you make a decision that feels the best for you..[/text_block]

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    I have more questions and I would like to speak with you, can I?

    Of course you can! Email me at: Shaunette@Stokeslegalcounsel(DOT)com[/text_block]

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