Recommended Books & Resources

Shaunette Stokes is a voracious reader and a perpetual student at heart, traits that reflect in the rich repository of resources she eagerly shares with her clients and students. From the latest legal publications to timeless classics on entrepreneurship and innovation, Shaunette curates a diverse selection of materials designed to enlighten and educate. Her recommended readings are more than just information; they are tools for empowerment, fostering knowledge that transcends the classroom and the courtroom. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, the resources Shaunette offers are selected to inspire continuous learning and personal growth, mirroring her own lifelong dedication to education and self-improvement.

money management

Profit First

This book teaches you how to categorize your business income and helps you learn how to pay yourself first and manage your money more wisely.


You are a Badass at Making Money

This book teaches you how to expand and change your money mindset and how to change your limiting beliefs on making more money.

personal development

Atomic Habits

This book advocates for the power of small, incremental changes in behavior that compound over time to produce significant results, teaching you how to build good habits and break bad ones to achieve lasting success.