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Invest in Your Legal Success with our Flexible 321 payment plan!

At Stokes Law Group, we understand that navigating legal services can be daunting and financially challenging. To support our clients, we offer a flexible 321 Payment Plan that simplifies access to our comprehensive services, excluding litigation, real estate closings, and personal injury matters.

How the 321 Payment Plan Works

Our 321 Payment Plan is designed to make it easier for you to manage the costs associated with our legal services.

Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

1. $300 Initial Deposit: Your journey begins with a $300 deposit. This initial payment secures your place and enables us to start the process immediately.

    • Personalized Intake Support: Our intake coordinator will guide you through our intake form, ensuring you understand each step and aren’t left with unanswered questions.
    • Consultation Call: After your intake, you’ll have a scheduled call with our Managing Attorney. During this session, we’ll discuss your unique needs and outline the best strategies to address them, setting a clear path forward.

2. First Payment: 14 days after your initial deposit, the first half of the remaining balance is due. This allows us to continue providing you with in-depth assistance tailored to your case.

3. Final Payment: The final half of the remaining balance is due 14 days after the first payment. This phased payment plan helps you balance your financial commitments while receiving continuous legal support.

Why Choose the 321 Payment Plan?

    • Flexible Payments: Spread your payments over time to ease the financial burden and make our services more accessible.
    • Continuous Support: From the initial consultation to the completion of your case, we provide consistent guidance and support.
    • Tailored Services: Our approach ensures that your unique situation is understood and addressed effectively, providing you with tailored solutions.

Services Covered

The 321 Payment Plan is available for a wide range of our legal services, excluding personal injury, real estate closings, and litigation matters. Whether you need assistance with business formation, contract review, or other legal concerns, our plan offers a straightforward and manageable payment solution.

Get Started Today

Ready to experience hassle-free legal services with manageable payments? Click here to get started with us today to learn more about the 321 Payment Plan and schedule your initial consultation. We’re here to help you navigate your legal needs with confidence and ease.


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