Here’s everything you need to know so we can totally crush it during our time together! Please check off each item that you reviewed at the end. This checklist will guide you through our process, our timeline, and resources you might find handy.


Here’s what we’re going to cover:


  • Frequently Asked Trademark Questions

  • How to access your client portal (link to your Dubsado client portal)

  • A review of our timeline

  • How to get in touch with me

  • Where to submit your documents






How to Access Your Client Portal


I’ve set up a portal just for you so you can keep track of all the important information such as your contract, submitted forms, upcoming appointments, and more. Just head here to access it.

Login information:

Username: Your email

Password: The password you assigned when making their portal

This is where we’ll reference as we work together. If you’re looking for anything check here first!




A Review of Our Timeline


  • We will have our initial consultation

  • You will review and sign the contract and proposal

  • You will submit the intake form

  • Our office will research your brand and submit a memo to you with our findings

  • We will prepare a draft application for your approval

  • Finally, we will submit your application to the Trademark Office



How to Get in Touch With Me


The best and most effective way to get in touch with me is through email. You can also use the link below to schedule a client call.

  • Email: shaunette@stokeslegalcounsel.com

  • Appointments: https://calendly.com/stokeslawgroup/current-client



✔️  I watched the frequently asked video

✔️ I accessed my portal

✔️ I reviewed our timeline

✔️ I know how and when to reach out to you